Ms Wang provided these updates about November activities for her Chinese language students.

Painter Kuai Weizhong to Visit

The Confucius Institute, which is located at Walter Payton High School, has arranged for Mr. Kuai Weizhong, the well-known Chinese painter, to come to LaSalle II. He will give a two-hour painting instruction to our students on the afternoon of November 26th. Mr. Kuai Weizhong is a member of the Chinese Artists Association, the Guest artist of Jiansu Chinese Painting Academy, and is Director of the Taihu Painting Academy.

Artist Mr. Kuai Weizhong

Born in 1967, Suzhou, Kuai Wizhong began studying painting when he was a child. He is particularly skilled in painting Chinese-style landscapes. Many of his works have won numerous Excellence Awards in China.

His 2008 works “Spring of River Pu” and “Autumn of the Lake Tai” were used to make two commemorative Olympic stamps for the 29th Olympic Games (the 2008 Olympic Games).

Young Chinese Tests (YCT)

The YCT Test set (I – IV levels) is an internationally recognized measurement of Chinese language mastery for young Chinese language learners. These tests are provided by Hanban, the Confucius Center Headquarters located in Beijing, China. Test results are officially recognized by China as an indication of the level of Chinese language mastery. The certificates Hanban issues to those who pass can be kept as an official record to show language mastery level attained.

In order to provide a completely objective measure of LaSalle II Chinese language student progress and to provide a basis for improving language instruction, Ms. Wang encouraged prepared students to take either tests in November, which were the last available tests for the year. Parents of Chinese language students were highly supportive. In some cases, even though some children seemed not quite ready for the exams, their parents wanted them to experience taking the test(s). (One parent was assured that these were not high stake tests.)

Four teachers from the Confucius Institute of the IUPU (Indiana University & Purdue University) traveled to Chicago to administer the Official Youth Chinese tests (YCT) at LaSalle II. Our Chinese language students took a total of 54 tests: 12 for Level I, 26 for Level II, 14 for Level III and 2 for the Oral Test on November 15.

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