Preschool Field Trip

On March 22nd, the preschool students went to Children’s Museum at Navy Pier.  We explored many hands on exhibits and had a wonderful time.

Writing Workshop in Room 108

Writing Workshop is a model for writing instruction and practice in the classroom. During the workshop time, students learn to write through varied activities. Writing Workshop exposes kindergarten students to the organization and thought required to create a story, write about a favorite topic, or share information and opinions. Kindergarteners in Room 108 are learning how to revise a piece of writing with input from a peer. They recently got a few writing tips from a well-known writer…Dr. Seuss!

Learning about Science in 5th Grade

Fifth grade science students have been busy investigating and learning about how plants, animals, and fungi form a system and how they are dependent on one another.  Students modeled the flow of energy in food webs and observed worms to discover how they release nutrients and help plants grow. Then they designed their own experiments to examine earthworm behavior.

Fifth Grade Kicks off Kindness Month

In an effort to promote friendship, generosity and consideration, the 5th grade is focusing on kindness in the month of March. Students are starting the month by recognizing acts of everyday kindness and providing the “kind donors” with cards. We will be watching TED Talks, listening to podcasts and discussing kindness in today’s world throughout the month. Watch out for acts from our Kindness Ninjas as we learn about this important quality.

Women’s History Month

Students in 4th grade are kicking off Women’s History Month by commemorating, studying and celebrating the vital role of women in American and world history. Each student researched and presented about an amazing woman in history.

It’s a Language Explosion in Room 103!

The students in room 103 have spent all year working on our communication skills and we are making huge gains! We have so many students that began the year using very few words that are now labeling items, identifying letters, and using our words to ask for what we need! We use a number of ways to communicate in our classroom such as visual exchanges, core communication boards, AAC devices, and even some sign language. All of these means of communication combine to make a classroom that is inclusive of everyone and that gives every student a way to communicate. We can’t wait to continue watching all of our friends learn, grow, and communicate!

Pi Day!

March 14 marks Pi Day, an annual celebration of the mathematical sign pi. Founded in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw, March 14 was selected because the numerical date (3.14) represents the first three digits of pi, and it also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday—the perfect pi-incidence.

LaSalle II Middle School math students were busy this March celebrating Pi Week! During Pi Week, math students were able to make discoveries related to the extraordinary number pi (π)! Students participated in the following activities: decorating Pi Day t-shirts that they wore on Pi Day (3/14), watching videos about Pi, completing a discovery activity involving circles, drawing a Pi City skyline, completing a creative research project about Pi facts, working on a collaborative Pi poster in small groups, and much more! We even had a digit competition where the student in each class who memorized the most digits of pi went home with a apple PIE!


8th Grade Winners:

  • 8A: Maeve M. (146 digits)
  • 8B: Juan F. (32 digits)

7th Grade:

  • 7A: Najia B. (178 digits)
  • 7B:  Erin W. (56 digits)

6th Grade:

  • 6A: Ellie G. (152 digits)
  • 6B:  Brady A. (102 digits)

6th Grade Teambuilding at Windy City Fieldhouse

6th grade students visited the Windy City Fieldhouse last month and competed in a fierce competition of games including Dodgeball, Kickball, Pillow Polo, and Relay Races. Students were broken up into 4 teams and had to come up with team names, chants, and even team colors to wear on the trip! Everyone had a ton of fun. We were particularly proud of the fact that every student made sure to include all of their team members in the games!

Middle School Buddies


Middle school students teamed up with the pre-K classes to organize activity stations related to their unit on Pets. The pre-K students listened to a story about “Joe”, made animals out of Play-doh, identified and counted sea animals in the squishy aquariums, made a paper dog and found animals in the mud and gave them baths. The pre-K students ended the day with high fives from their middle school buddies. They will team up again, before spring break, for their unit on buildings.

Leadership Day at The Holocaust Museum

We would like to congratulate and recognize Sydney, Christina, and Juan for their leadership and perseverance. They were nominated and then selected to participate in Leadership Day at The Holocaust Museum. They worked with other 7th and 8th graders, from schools throughout Illinois and Wisconsin, to come up with ideas to promote equality and human rights and to solve problems in their school and community. They presented their ideas to an audience of over 200 peers and adults. They also got the opportunity to listen to, meet and ask questions of keynote speaker, David Hogg. It was an excellent opportunity for them to learn more about how to stand up, speak up, listen and make a difference.