French Exchange Visitors at L2! 

We had the pleasure of hosting exchange students and teachers from Angers, France the last two weeks in October. Sixteen students came from Collège Mongazon to stay with host families at LaSalle II. Since the French students travel back to France the day before Halloween we decided to throw them an American Halloween-themed going away party. The students dressed up in costumes and celebrated an early Halloween with their American host families. It was such a wonderful experience for the French and American students to learn more about one another’s cultures and we cannot wait to visit their school in April!

Middle School’s Computer Science Discoveries Course

Students in 6,7th and 8th grade have been working hard in their new middle school course called Computer Science Discoveries. In this course, not only do they learn code but they are learning computer programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript and so forth. Right now they are learning HTML. So far we now know how to code headings of different sizes, paragraphs, ordered and unordered lists and adding images.Students can see feedback I give in their units and are given opportunities to revise their code. Their final project will be to program a website. All final projects will be posted on the library website so you can see their computer programming work!

4th and 5th Grades State at MB Ice Arena

The Chicago Blackhawks offer a “First Stride” program for students in 4th and 5th grades.  The program is split into two parts.  One part introduces students to ice-skating.  The second part has students working on Chrome books using STEM activities. Students and teachers had a wonderful time and were treated to skating with Jamal Mayers; a member of the 2013 Stanley Cup Blackhawks. Mr. Mayers sat and spoke with each child signed t-shirts and photo cards.


Students learned the basics of ice-skating including how to fall and get back up.  They played games, had races and were pushed around the ice by the coaches.  Some of the highlights of they day included watch Corey “Crow” Crawford warm up as we entered the building.  Next the students saw the ENTIRE Blackhawk team on the ice practicing for the exhibition game that evening. Finally, Ethan H. was chosen to “Shoot the Puck” during the game that evening.  Ethan was on the ice at the United Center between periods.


It truly was a wonderful day for all students and staff involved.  We look forward to having the coaches out to LaSalle II later this year to work with more Falcons.

7th Grade Team Building

For the second year in a row, our 7th grade students attended a team building workshop at the Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Center (LUREC) in Woodstock. They played games, took on physical challenges, and learned to work collectively. The teachers’ favorite part was when students were unknowingly split into groups that paired them with students they do not regularly hang out with. This was a fun way to slightly ease the stress of this important year, and students are looking forward to next year when they will get to do the high ropes course!

6th Grade Trip to Second City

Last week our 6th grade students participated in a two hour communications workshop at The Second City. They got to play improvisation games which included creating objects with their collective bodies, inventing stories from scratch, and learning to be aware of those around them. Students got their middle school tenure off to a bang with this team building trip, and we are all looking forward to a great year!

CPS Volunteer Policy

We love our volunteers at LaSalle II and our school would just not be the same without you! We appreciate the time and support that all of you give to LaSalle II and we want you to be able to continue as a volunteer this school year. As we have mentioned, CPS has a new volunteer application. If you plan on volunteering at the school this school year (chaperone a field trip, volunteer at an event, volunteer in a classroom, etc) you must complete the CPS volunteer application online. It takes less than 5 minutes!


Step 1:
Visit and click the “Complete a Volunteer Application” button.


Step 2:
Fill out the application. Parents will be asked if they are applying as a Level I or Level II volunteer. Most LaSalle II parents will be Level II volunteers.


Step 3:
You will receive a confirmation email that CPS received your application.


Step 4:
Bring your drivers license or state issued ID to the Main Office so that the office staff can make a copy. Once this step is completed, we can approve you as a volunteer.


We are asking all parents (and caregivers if they plan on volunteering) to complete this process so you can be ready should a volunteer opportunity arise. Thank you for your participation in this process and thank you for helping LaSalle II!

“Forced from Home” Refugee Exhibit

This year our 8th graders will be writing  content for our website to order to share their experiences throughout the school year. For this week, the students wrote about their recent field trip to an exhibit called “Forced from Home.” Forced From Home is a one-hour guided tour through an interactive exhibition designed to educate the public about the global refugee crisis. With experienced Doctors Without Borders aid workers leading the tour, students engaged with stories and materials gathered from refugee camps, sea rescue missions, and emergency medical projects around the world. This immersive tour brought the students closer to the real experiences of people displaced by violence and extreme hardship worldwide. Click the link below to hear directly from the students about their experience.

Link to student reflections on their trip experience: Forced from Home” Refugee Exhibit


Butterflies in 1st Grade Spanish

First grade students in Spanish room 203 begin the year with La oruga muy hambrienta, also known as The Very Hungry Caterpillar! We read the book and sequence the foods the caterpillar eats according to the days of the week using flip books we create, as well as discuss our own food preferences. We also learn about monarch butterflies and the journey they take each fall from Canada and the United States to their over-wintering sites in sanctuaries in Mexico, which is our country of study for the year. We make paper butterflies and mini messages to send to Mexico with Journey North’s Symbolic Monarch Migration. Then, we add ourselves to the map and wait until the spring, when we will receive butterflies and also map them to find out where they originated.

Composting in Kindergarten

Kindergarten students in room 110 have been learning all about the cycle of organic materials through composting in and out of the classroom. The students were introduced to their red wiggler worms and made them a wonderful home inside a plastic bin. They made a comfy, delicious home for their new friends using damp newspaper. Now the students are able to compost their banana peels, apple cores, and paper towels instead of sending it to the landfill. Since the worms can’t keep up with all the organic waste from breakfast and snack students have started composting outdoors in a tumbler. The food waste mixed with dead leaves and small twigs will create some wonderful soil for planting in the spring. Which will complete the composting cycle.

J at School Fall Enrichment

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