Leadership Day at The Holocaust Museum

We would like to congratulate and recognize Sydney, Christina, and Juan for their leadership and perseverance. They were nominated and then selected to participate in Leadership Day at The Holocaust Museum. They worked with other 7th and 8th graders, from schools throughout Illinois and Wisconsin, to come up with ideas to promote equality and human rights and to solve problems in their school and community. They presented their ideas to an audience of over 200 peers and adults. They also got the opportunity to listen to, meet and ask questions of keynote speaker, David Hogg. It was an excellent opportunity for them to learn more about how to stand up, speak up, listen and make a difference.

Elementary Science Olympiad Team

The students who participated in this years’ team ranged form 3rd to 5th grade. Students competed in events such as Junk Cars, Backyard Biologist, Building Catapults, Wild Weather and other events. LaSalle II placed in 8 out of the 12 events!

Social Emotional Learning

The students in Ms. Anderson’s class, along with other K-3 classes, have been identifying and discussing feelings. We have been using a feelings chart to identify how we feel daily, and introducing different tools such as glitter jars and deep breathing exercises to cope with our emotions. One tool you can try at home is a deep breathing exercise called, “Take 5 Breathing” or “5 Finger Breathing.” Hold out one hand in front of you and use your index finger from the opposite hand to trace your hand one finger at a time. Take a deep breath in as you trace up, and breathe out as you move your finger down. This is a calming strategy that can be used anywhere.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” -Dr. Seuss

7th and 8th Grade Math Station Fridays

There is no surprise that our LaSalle II middle school students are very unique and exceptional.  Our students are hard-working and work at different levels. To meet students at their needs, we have implemented Station Fridays in seventh and eighth grade.  Typically, these stations are similar week to week and include a game station, computer station, and teacher station. The students enjoy working through games such as the 24 Game to work on their numerical fluency.  They are even allowed to use dry-erase markers on Mrs. Guillaume’s desks! The computer station could consist of academic resources IXL or Khan Academy, or a math game or vocabulary review. Lastly, the teacher station is with Mrs. Guillaume and can range from pushing students to work on higher level Algebra, geometry or statistics, or filling in gaps that will help the students better understand grade-level concepts.  The best part is that it is completely differentiated to the student’s need! Next Friday, ask a seventh or eighth grader what they did during Station Friday.

SY18-19 Yearbooks

Yearbook Orders- Due 4/30


Be sure to order your yearbook for SY18-19. Cost is $22 and orders and payment are available online only. The deadline to place your order is April 30th.



4th Grade Mi Ciudad Projects

Students in 4th grade showcased their understanding of 2nd quarter’s theme: En la Ciudad by designing and building a 2D or 3D model based on their own city, our city of study (Buenos Aires) or a fictional city. The students used their city models to discuss with their classmates the various activities to do, places to visit in their city, and the ways to travel to different city spots (transportation). The students did a phenomenal job creating unique city models and both myself and their peers enjoyed hearing students’ presentations!

Bring Culture Into Classrooms

While ushering in the Lunar New Year, LaSalle II Chinese language students began their annual Chinese dance training with Lingling Pao, the artist-in-residence. Upon hearing the news that the Chinese dance training would soon begin, every student, whether boy or girl, in a lower or upper grade, eagerly wanted to find out which day would be theirs to participate in dance class.  This is the fifth year our students are participating in this program, Bringing Culture Into Classrooms.

1st Grade French Project

First graders helped with a fun project in French class recently and made flags for the French speaking countries of the world. We used their wonderful props and took some photos for our class yearbook page.

Black History Month

Our 8th grade students reflected on the contributions of African-Americans throughout history. Please click below to read their reflections.



4th Grade STEM Activities

Students in 4th grade recently participated in part 2 of the Chicago Blackhawks First Stride program. In addition to getting some great exercise and learning skating techniques on the ice, students were engaged in a classroom STEM activity with LEGO Education Solutions. Students used LEGO bricks, motors, and an online programming tool to ignite their natural curiosity while developing communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. At the end of class, they excitedly showed off the motorized robots they had engineered as they zoomed around the classroom!