LaSalle II Students in China!

We currently have students abroad in Beijing, China. We can’t wait to hear all about their exciting travels!

LaSalle II Students in France!

Currently we have students in Angers, France. They are having a great time and we cannot wait to hear all the details when they return!

Perujazz Field Trip

LaSalle II is a World Language is the Magnet school, and an important piece to each student’s education is exposure to the cultures and communities that embrace the languages that they are learning. This helps our kids become better able to understand other people’s points of view, ways of life, and contributions to the world.

We are fortunate to live in a diverse city with exciting field trip opportunities. Recently our 4th and 5th grade Spanish students visited the Old Town School of Folk Music for a performance by Perujazz. The concert featured traditional Peruvian instruments such as the quena, zampona and bongos with contemporary tenor sax, electric bass and drums, just to name a few. You learn more about the band here:

Money raised by the PTO funded the bus transportation that made this trip possible. Students studying other languages take similar trips throughout the year. We need your help to continue to provide cultural experiences like this. Please join the other 10 families who are using the monthly donation option as their way of contributing to the LaSalle II PTO Campaign for Excellence. A donation of $50 per month could provide 60 children exposure to a unique experience like this trip. Donations of any amount are appreciated.

Spain Exchange 2016

In September, some students in 7th and 8th grade traveled to Spain to LaSalle II  sister school for two weeks partnering up with Skinner North Elementary. Students stayed with host families in Madrid and attended school at IES Ramiro de Maeztu. Students were immersed in a Spanish-speaking environment most of the time and learned interdisciplinary content in the lessons they attended as well as all the learning trips students took in Madrid and around.
LaSalle II students had the chance to explore four different “Comunidades Autónomas” or the equivalent of a state here. They visited la Comunidad de Madrid, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla León, and Andalucía. Weekdays they attended classes, had school activities and educational and cultural visits, and in the evenings and weekends hosting families organized countless activities everyone enjoyed. It was hard to say goodbye to the host families as they truly became LaSalle II students’ families overseas. Students forged really strong relationships with their families in Spain that will last for a lifetime!

Youth Chinese Test Results

Congratulations to our Chinese students who took the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) exam last May. We had 55 students participate. For levels I, II and III, all but two students passed the test. For level IV, seven students passed. We are very proud of our students!

French at LaSalle II

Throughout the year at LaSalle II we learned about more than just new French vocabulary or how to conjugate verbs but we also learn about the different cultures in the different countries where French is spoken.

This year our students learned about the different regions of France. Regions in France are like states and each one is different. Students were assigned a different region and they presented it to the class.

IMG_5537 (1)

With our artist in residency program this year brought different people from around the world who speak French. We had one from the African continent, one from Marseille, France and one from Northern Quebec. All of these artists taught our students songs and games from their country.

Our 5th, 6th and 7th graders went to Alliance Francaise in May where students learned how to make a typical French dish. Students also watched an authentic French movie. As we studied the different regions of France we came across “Lorraine” where the quiche in quite popular. In June our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders are going to Kids’ table where the will learn how to make a French quiche.


BAC Mother’s Day Festival

The BAC held their Mother’s Day Festival on May 12th. It was a beautiful event with Mexican dancing performances.

Cinco de Mayo Celebrations!

1st grade guitarras

Happenings in the 8th Grade

Cultural Kitchen

This spring students in room 212 and 214 participated in the Chicago hostel program called Cultural Kitchen. Our eighth graders slept overnight in the downtown Chicago Hostel, the place where thousands of people from around the world choose to stay. Students had the unique opportunity to mingle with visitors and cook traditional French dishes such as Ratatouille, Gratin Dauphinois (potatoes), and Cherry Glafoutis (cherry tart). As part of the night, students performed a presentation on France, which included a Wheel of Fortune game show theme, called The Wheel of France.


Room 212 studied and presented to participants about Saudi Arabia. They cooked traditional foods such as Al Kabsa (chicken stew), Shorba (lentil soup), and Al Haysa (date dessert), and shattered the myths behind the people of Saudi Arabia. They performed traditional belly dancing and taught participants how to do the well-known Penguin Dance.


Model UN
On May 6th the 8th graders participated in CPS’ Model UN project. Students acted as diplomats for a specific country in which they have heavily researched. Working with other middle school students from around the city, LaSalle II students created and implemented solutions to real world problems that included such topics as The Situation in Syria, Eradicating Poverty, Gender Equality, and Combating Racism.

IMG_5476 (1)

Midwest Chinese Speech Competition

Three of our LaSalle II students participated in the 8th Annual Midwest Chinese Speech competition. All three students earned a Gold Medal! Congratulations to Vaeda V., Diana C., and Eleanor F.