7th Grade Field Trip

Last Friday the 7th grade class attended the Loyola Retreat and Ecology Center (LUREC) in Woodstock, IL. They participated in a variety of games and team-building activities. Our school year is off to a great start with the 7th grade class and teachers all getting to know each other in such a fun way. Next year, the current 7th graders look forward to returning to LUREC to do the high ropes course!


8th Grade Field Trip

Last week our 8th Graders attended the Loyola Retreat and Ecology Center and participated in a variety of team building activities, including the high ropes! This was a great way to kick-off the school year and allow the students and teachers to get to know each other better.


Learning Labs in 4th Grade Science

Fourth grade students took science to a whole new level when they attended two learning labs at the Museum of Science and Industry. Students learned Newton’s Laws and experimented in the Colorful Chemistry lab. Through observation and hands on activities 4th grade students left with a wealth of new scientific knowledge!

Navigating the City

The students in Room 213 have been navigating their way around the city via the CTA this month. They planned out their routes, using various websites and apps, and decided the best use of their money when buying Ventra cards, passes and lunch. On one trip the students traveled to the southside to visit Kenwood Academy for a performance by a Jamaican Ensemble. Some of our bravest students even volunteered to show off their dancing skills on stage! On another trip the students students traveled to Steppenwolf Theater, where (thanks to a generous donation) they had the opportunity to see the play “Monster”. Students were able to discuss the themes of innocence, guilt, and accountability with lead actor, Daniel Kyri, and the rest of the cast. It was an amazing experience!

Principal Outing

Jacob A. won the Principal Outing at last years Spring Thaw. Dr. Albani and Ms. Sapieka took Jacob and 3 of his friends to the Kids Table. The students learned how to make a black bean tostada. It was a great day!

2015 LaSalle II Hour of Code

LaSalle II Hour of Code

From Ms Keane:

December 7-13 is, Computer Science Education Week and people all over the globe are participating in “Hour of Code” events. Depaul University organized an event and invited Ms Keane to bring a group from LaSalle II. Twenty-one third graders took a field trip to the Computer and Digital Media department at Depaul’s downtown campus for an Hour of Code.

Students learned that computers help us to tackle all sorts of tasks and to solve problems. Code is computer language and programming is writing code, the instructions that tell computers how to help us.

Everyone got to code with a few activities that had a Minecraft theme. If you are interested in learning more about the hour of code you can check out this site. https://hourofcode.com/us

You can also find the activities on the following sites: https://code.org/api/hour/begin/mc and http://codecombat.com/play.

[button link=”https://goo.gl/photos/5wFE1oTgu248EQrW7. ” linking=”default” size=”medium” type=”wide” title=”Hour of Code Pictures”]Hour of Code Pictures[/button]

Connecting with the Community

From Ms Whitters:

Kindergarten Students have been learning about what makes up a community in our current unit of study Connecting with our Community.

Kindergarten Field Trip-8553


Students have been visited by many community helpers and had an exciting learning experience walking to several community places.

Kindergarten Field Trip-8555


Kindergarten students visited the local fire station, bakery and theater on their community walking trip.

Kindergarten Field Trip-8556


Fourth Grade Field Trip

Our fourth graders went on a field trip to Fullersburg Woods in Oak Brook. We learned how to use a GPS and went on a treasure hunt through the forest preserve!

Field Trip 1

Students also learned about invasive species and worked hard to clear out Tatarian Honeysuckle, which is not native to Illinois and quickly crowds out all other plant species. The weather was perfect, and we had a great time!

Field trip 2


From Mr Espejo:

LaSalle 2 is getting ready for a new Spain trip! Last year we started our first exchange program with IES Ramiro de Maeztu, a public school in Madrid, Spain. It was a success! After hosting 20 students and 2 teachers from Spain, 12 students in the Spanish program and their two teachers traveled to Madrid for 10 days.


Students attended classes and after school activities at Ramiro, spend time with their host families, and visited Madrid and the surrounding towns of Toledo and Córdoba.
Students had a blast and used their Spanish in a meaningful and authentic setting!


September 22, we had our first informational meeting for the 2016 when students and families expressed a lot of interest! Our 2016 trip will take place in April, after hosting the Spanish group in March. We can’t wait for this next adventure!

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