4th Grade Mi Ciudad Projects

Students in 4th grade showcased their understanding of 2nd quarter’s theme: En la Ciudad by designing and building a 2D or 3D model based on their own city, our city of study (Buenos Aires) or a fictional city. The students used their city models to discuss with their classmates the various activities to do, places to visit in their city, and the ways to travel to different city spots (transportation). The students did a phenomenal job creating unique city models and both myself and their peers enjoyed hearing students’ presentations!

Bring Culture Into Classrooms

While ushering in the Lunar New Year, LaSalle II Chinese language students began their annual Chinese dance training with Lingling Pao, the artist-in-residence. Upon hearing the news that the Chinese dance training would soon begin, every student, whether boy or girl, in a lower or upper grade, eagerly wanted to find out which day would be theirs to participate in dance class.  This is the fifth year our students are participating in this program, Bringing Culture Into Classrooms.

1st Grade French Project

First graders helped with a fun project in French class recently and made flags for the French speaking countries of the world. We used their wonderful props and took some photos for our class yearbook page.

Black History Month

Our 8th grade students reflected on the contributions of African-Americans throughout history. Please click below to read their reflections.



4th Grade STEM Activities

Students in 4th grade recently participated in part 2 of the Chicago Blackhawks First Stride program. In addition to getting some great exercise and learning skating techniques on the ice, students were engaged in a classroom STEM activity with LEGO Education Solutions. Students used LEGO bricks, motors, and an online programming tool to ignite their natural curiosity while developing communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. At the end of class, they excitedly showed off the motorized robots they had engineered as they zoomed around the classroom!

4th Grade Multi-Media Cityscapes


The the 4th grade class created cityscapes inspired by the work of Rob Dunlavey. Their creations were based on dry media design details for the architectural elements, and also the study of perspective and proportion. For the background sky element, they used watercolor in either warm or cool tones and collaged planetary and wind elements.

1st Graders Visit the Museum! 

First grade students visited Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry during the month of December. Students learned about the museums beloved annual celebration of of more than 50 trees and displays representing the holiday traditions from cultures around the globe. Students also experienced thrilling museum exhibits featuring hands-on learning and state of the art technology. Students had an amazing trip and upon return reflected in a writing piece of their favorite tree or display seen during our trip to MSI.

Analyzing Historical Maps in 7th Grade Social Studies

The 7th grade students are completing document based writing.  They are looking at historical maps and determining what these maps tell you about the map maker – his or her understanding of geography, what their culture was like and their purpose for creating it. Here is a sample of work from one of our students, Naija B.


“A map says to you. Read me carefully, follow me closely, doubt me not…I am the earth in the palm of your hand” Said once by Beryl Markham. A map leads you to your destination, your target. All your answers are on a map. Read closely, look closely, and follow closely. Your questions are solved. What guides you is not your mind but a map, There are some rough roads, you might hesitate to find where you want to go, You might be puzzled and confused. Do not use an app but instead use something that is a challenge because once you’ve accomplished this test you will feel like you’ve come to your home, your destination. These maps show who is the main source, the main center. A map will also show you directions, your geography, who is in it. In one of the pictures, there are traders, their kings, there are rulers, there are also many different surroundings in a map like land, the map can show you were sources of water are like an ocean, also can show you land or grass. There are many different traits, people, and other kinds of things. A map is everything, What you see, What you follow, and what you do.”

Fitnessgram in PE

We just finished the Fitnessgram testing in Physical Education so we decided to give the kids a chance to take a break from the norm and we are playing different “creative” group games. For the next few classes, we have taken the CHOPPED approach. For those that are unfamiliar with the television show, Chopped is a show that brings together chefs to compete against each other by cooking a meal for different judges. The only thing is that the chefs do not know the ingredients until it is time to cook. We have taken that approach in P.E. Students are put into groups and will work together to create a game using different pieces of equipment. They must also create rules and a scoring system for the game. When time expires, groups will be selected to explain and demonstrate their game and to the rest of the class.

Learning about Native Americans in 2nd Grade

The second grade had been learning about Native Americans. Students made representations of Native American homes, clothing, and artifacts. They also wrote paragraphs to describe their project in full.