6th Grade Science Planting Day

Ms. Hoefle’s 6th Grade science classes spent a mild and sunny morning in late May weeding, mulching and planting in the Wolcott side playground. The 6th Graders planted vegetable plants and seeds, such as tomatoes and carrots, in the white planter boxes. They also planted some native plants, like the stinky Nodding Onion which gave Chicago it’s name, in one of the large garden areas near the playground. The kids had a lot of fun with the mud and worms they found. They didn’t even mind pulling weeds! They ended the morning with dirty hands and warm smiles.

8th Grade Spanish and French Art Gallery Walk!

After exploring artists and styles of both French Impressionism and Spanish Cubism, students were challenged to select a local or global theme and demonstrate it through their own artwork. Students selected themes ranging from: pollution, climate change, poaching, domestic violence, depression, religious intolerance and many more. Students presented their artwork in the target language to their respective classes, and then participated in a gallery walk where they had the opportunity to see and discuss their peers’ artwork in the other language class. We are extremely proud of their creativity, insightfulness, and collaboration demonstrated through this project! Happy graduation to our 2019 8th grade class!

World Language Performances

This week our World Language students had the opportunity to show off all they learned in their Artist-in-Residency program. The program is generously funded by the PTO and exposes students to different cultural aspects in the language of their study.

Daily Fix-It in 1st Grade

1st graders have been hard at work learning to recognize and fix grammatical errors in sentences. “Daily Fix-It” is a part of our everyday classroom routine. During this time, sentences written incorrectly are displayed on the promethean board for students to “Fix”. Students have to figure out the grammatical mistakes (e.g capitalization, subject/verb agreement, ending punctuation, correct word order etc.) Next, students write the sentences correctly on their dry-erase boards. Then, they turn/talk with a partner to discuss . Finally, as a whole group we work together to correct the sentences.

Learning Arabic Calligraphy

Students in grades 5, 6, and 7th have been working with our Artist in residency in creating a very artistic Arabic pieces using the Arabic calligraphy. Each student had about 7 sessions of practice in order for them to reach this great level of art.

Our Arabic students practiced Khat al- Nasakh style as it is the most common and modern Arabic writing style. They ended up writing their names using Khat al-Nasakh to create their own beautiful artistic pieces.

Room 222 Celebrates Cinco De Mayo

In honor of our school’s mission of “providing students with the highest quality of programs across core subject areas and educating them about other cultures”, Room 222 Celebrated Cinco De Mayo!

Students in room 222 learned about many famous Hispanics who influenced the culture in positive ways. Our videos and articles highlighted famous Hispanics like Selena Quintanilla, Cesar Chavez, Roberto Clemente and Jaime Escalante to name a few. After gathering this information, students completed assignments like comprehension, cause and effect, fact and opinion and a special culminating activity. This activity had a huge impact on the students as they worked together to get it all done. The activity was differentiated in order to provide the appropriate experience for each student and each student achieved success. Not only did they learn new things about famous Hispanics, they learned new things about themselves and their ability to work together in order to complete a project. They also learned that each and every piece of this poster matters just as each and every one of them matter!

Butterflies in PreK!

Now that spring has finally arrived, the preschool students have been learning about butterflies. The first grade class invited us as they released their butterflies which provided real world experiences and many learning opportunities! One of their favorite activities was butterfly symmetry!

Learning About Earth Science

The 6th graders are continuing their exploration in the field of earth science. They are learning about minerals and the rock cycle. During this unit they will define, describe and identify how a mineral is made and where it forms. They will be able to identify and describe the characteristics of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks as well as their formation. By the end of the unit they will be able to describe and discuss the rock cycle. During their first lab of the unit, Identifying Minerals, the 6th graders tested the streak and hardness of some minerals samples and based on their observations they were able to identify each mineral as either hematite, calcite, talc, lodestone or quartz. Rock on 6th graders!

Writing Workshop in Room 108

Writing Workshop is a model for writing instruction and practice in the classroom. During the workshop time, students learn to write through varied activities. Writing Workshop exposes kindergarten students to the organization and thought required to create a story, write about a favorite topic, or share information and opinions. Kindergarteners in Room 108 are learning how to revise a piece of writing with input from a peer. They recently got a few writing tips from a well-known writer…Dr. Seuss!

Learning about Science in 5th Grade

Fifth grade science students have been busy investigating and learning about how plants, animals, and fungi form a system and how they are dependent on one another.  Students modeled the flow of energy in food webs and observed worms to discover how they release nutrients and help plants grow. Then they designed their own experiments to examine earthworm behavior.