SY17-18 Admissions and Wait List Update

We know the admissions process can be a very stressful situation for families. In order to make this process more transparent, we will be providing wait list updates here on our webpage so that families can monitor their status. This online LaSalle II wait list will be updated every Monday. If the number does not change from week to week, that means all the spots are currently filled.

We ask that you please use the website instead of calling the Main Office for an update. Please note that the lottery process occurs all summer, so we will be calling as openings become available.

The current wait list number we are on for each grade level is listed below.

LaSalle II Wait List

The current wait list number we are on for each grade level is listed below.

Numbers are updated as of Tuesday, 4/25/2017

*N/A means there are currently no spots available for that grade level.

KDG- Proximity  8
KDG- Tier 1  5
KDG- Tier 2  2
KDG- Tier 3  2
KDG- Tier 4  3
1st Grade 3
2nd Grade  N/A
3rd Grade 2
4th Grade  N/A
5th Grade  N/A
6th Grade  1
7th Grade N/A
8th Grade N/A

Chromebooks at LaSalle II

Technology is very helpful in our classrooms. Students use portable devices like Chromebooks to do research. Our teachers also use chromebooks to provide personalized math, social studies, and reading activities using resources like IXL, Xtramath, Read Theory, and Raz Kids. Many of the assessment tests are done on Chromebooks now too so that everyone doesn’t have to use the PCs in the computer lab.

LaSalle 2 PTO recently raised $18K to purchase 2 carts of Chromebooks as a big step in offering portable technology throughout our classrooms. The school now has 9 traveling carts containing 32 Chromebooks each, and most classrooms have the carts for some part of their week.

Two additional Chromebook carts would be put to use immediately if we had them. Please join the other families who are using the monthly donation option as their way of contributing to the LaSalle II PTO Campaign for Excellence. A donation of $50 per month will cover the cost of two Chromebooks towards our goal. Donations of any amount are always appreciated.

December SOAR Students

Congratulations to our December SOAR Students. We are so proud of you!

November Attendance Raffle Winners

Congratulations to our November Attendance Raffle Winners!

Report Card Pickup, 11/9

Report Card Pick-Up will be held Wednesday, November 9th from 12-7pm. There will be a short break for 3:00-3:45pm to allow the staff to eat lunch. The building will be closed during that time period.
Students in grades PK-5 will schedule a specific time. Each teacher will contact parents directly regarding sign-ups. Middle school teachers, World Language teachers and Auxiliary teachers will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Book Fair 11/9

From Julie Cameron-Lawin,

The next book fair will be on report card pick up day, November 9, from 12-5pm. Book selections for all ages as well as gift and novelty items.


Keeping Recess Safe

Recess is very important for our kids. Obviously it is fun for them. It also helps them stay healthy, and it helps them learn throughout their day. Our teachers will tell you that kids stay more focused if they get exercise at recess.

Making recess run safely and smoothly is a challenge. On any given day our school needs to supervise more than 500 kids ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade, and recess times span 3 hours of the day. It takes five high energy people. Since budget cuts have eliminated funding for most support staff,  the school pays the JCC to staff this important job.

With this year’s budget cuts the school might not have been able to pay for recess playground supervision without cutting something else. Fortunately we have a great school community. Over the past year our PTO had saved enough money to help, and we had the money to cover the $25,000 it costs for recess supervision.


Next year we will have a similar challenge, and we need your help. A donation of about $3 per day (less than a latte) or $100 per month would help cover almost two weeks of recess supervision. Please consider donating to the LaSalle II PTO Campaign for Excellence. Donation of any amount are appreciated.




Learning About Nature

By Ms. Tseng

The fourth grade went on a field trip to Fullersburg Woods in Oak Brook. We learned how to use a GPS and went on a treasure hunt through the forest preserve!



Students also learned about invasive species and worked hard to clear out European Honeysuckle and Buckthorn, which are not native to Illinois and quickly crowd out all other plant species. The weather was perfect, and we had a great time!

PTO Meeting, 10/20 8am

From Michele Dreczynski:

Please join us Thursday morning in the Parent Room for our monthly PTO meeting. In this meeting we will continue the work we started in our September meeting to work through a few more funding requests from Ms Albani and the Committees. In order for the voting and approval process to happen we need to have people at the meeting to discuss requests and vote to on whether or not to approve the funding. There will not be as many new requests as were presented in the September PTO meeting so the discussion and vote should go much quicker.

Please plan to attend at 8 AM on Thursday, if even for a short while and we promise to get you on your way quickly after the voting is complete. Please note the time of the meeting has been changed from 5:30 PM which is on the school calendar to 8 AM. The PTO appreciates all your support and your commitment to helping our school be the best it can be for our students. See you Thursday!

Our Best,
Your PTO

Picture Day, 9/29

Please come prepared for pictures on Thursday, 9/29. You can order picture packages with the forms that go home in backpacks or online. No checks are accepted. Cash, money order, or an online order confirmation can be sent with the forms. Online orders should be placed on the photographer’s website: