High School Application Philosophy

Our goal for our graduating 8th graders is to ensure that all students are able to attend the high school of their choice. Over the past several years, we have been close to a 100% success rate.

High School Selections

Class of 2018 High School Offers Highlights

How High School Offers work

  • Students can receive a maximum of 2 high school offers
  • 1 selective enrollment (only the 11 schools for which the selective enrollment test

    is required)

  •  1 non-selective (literally everything else including IB, military, CTE, charter, etc.)

Total Offers

  •  61 offers were made to 48 students
    • Combination of selective and non selective
    • Each student can receive a MAXIMUM of 2 offers
  • Selective Enrollment – most offers ever in the history of LaSalle II
    • 48 students in our 8th grade class
    • 44 were eligible to apply to selective enrollment
    •  40 chose to apply to selective enrollment
    •  20 of those who applied were offered a seat at a selective enrollment school
      • this represents 50% of applicants, 42% off entire class
    • Interestingly, this is the first year that students who were NOT in the Algebra class for 8th grade received selective enrollment offers. 8 students in the regular 8th grade math class received SE offers this year.

Top Choices

  • 33 offers received for students’ 1st choice schools
    • 10 students received offers to their 1st choice selective enrollment school
    • 23 students received offers to their 1st choice non-selective enrollment school
  • 50 offers were made to 43 students for their top 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice schools
    • meaning, 90% of the entire class was offered a spot in one of their top 3 choices of schools including selective and non-selective
  • 100% of 8th graders were offered a spot in at least one high school of their choice, excluding neighborhood schools (one student chose not to apply at all and therefore is not included in this statistic)

Offers by school

  •  Selective Enrollment
    • Brooks – 1 offe
    • Hancock – 1 offer
    • Jones – 4 offers
    • Lane – 10 offers
    • Lindblom – 2 offers
    • Payton – 1 offer
    • Young – 1 offer
  • International Baccalaureate
    • Lincoln Park – 6 offer
    • Ogden – 1 offer
  • Honors Programs
    • Lincoln Park Double Honors – 7 offers
  • Military Academy
    • Phoenix – 1 offer
  • Others (17 of the following 22 offers are charter schools)
    • Chi Arts – 3 offers
    • Clemente – 1 offer
    • Juarez – 1 offe
    • Lake View – 1 offer
    • Noble Network – 12 offers
      •  Bulls – 2 offers
      • Golder – 3 offers
      • Noble – 4 offers
      • Pritzker – 3 offers
    • Phillips – 1 offer
    • Schurz – 1 offer
    • Solorio – 1 offer
    • Urban Prep – Bronzeville – 1 offer

High School News

High School Fair

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GoCPS High School Application Process

Over the years, the district has heard from families about the importance of having a choice in selecting which high school provides the best match for their child’s needs. We’ve also heard that applying to high school can be frustrating and confusing. So this year, Chicago Public Schools has completely revamped its high school application […]

High School Fair, 10/17

Come to LaSalle II to learn about local schools

2015 Graduation

Graduation for our 8th Graders was held at Clemente High School

LaSalle II High School Acceptances

We are extremely proud of each and every one of our Falcon graduates, and would like to share a few of the accomplishments our 8th graders have received.